All my life I felt like I was an artist. From carving my name into the kitchen table when I was nine, to taking all the art classes in school as possible, I always felt art was my thing. I love creative writing, videography, playing music, singing(Only in my car or with my wife), being a movie buff to impress everyone I know, but most of all I love holding my camera. 

A lot of people believe holding a camera makes you a photographer. I believe connecting with people and making them feel one hundred percent themselves before I even click the shutter makes me a photographer. I love meeting people, getting the chance to shoot for someone is like watching a Vince Vaughn movie(It's always fun and it never get's old). I always feel so honored to shoot for people for the first time, I love it when I ask "what's the vibe you're going for?" and people simply say "just do your thang", I literally have the best job in the world, people don't tell me what to do and we make magic! 

I first got into photography in 2012 when I bought my fist DSLR camera, it was a small Canon rebel T3. I bought it for video purposes so I can continue my passion for short films that I had intended on shooting with my family. Little did I know, videography is a time consuming process of which nobody I knew had the time for haha. So in my free time I would go out with my wife and family and just take pictures. I remember one day I had gone to the bank, got a loan, and purchased a Canon 24-70mm F2.8. I was so siked to have purchased this lens so I made my cousins and my twin hang out with me while I tested out my new toy. As we were walking downtown on this overcast spring day, my brother Jon simply points out "You should just do photography on the side and charge people for senior pictures and just do cool things". From that day forward I spent a year building a portfolio, and then went on to graduate with a degree in photography from Spokane Falls Community College. 

So, there you have it in a nutshell. I am Topher Fischer, therefor I will continue to be spontaneous and creative in all shoots I get the pleasure of doing, I will make you laugh as much as possible on every shoot I ever do, and therefor I will hug you after every shoot we ever do. Deal with it!!