Top 5 Tips for Looking Rad in Your Fall Engagement Shoot

Top 5 Tips for Looking Rad in Your Fall Engagement Shoot

If you don't know this about me yet, you will now... Each and every shoot I do is different then the last one. I am not a rinse and repeat photographer. Whether it is offering a different location to my client, striking different poses, or giving them a longer hug as I say thank you for letting me live my dream, it's all different, it's all fantastic! With that being said, I have a couple of tips on getting you siked for your engagement shoot... Here goes...

TIP NUMBER 1 | dress comfy

Tis the season to start dressing warm! The days of bro tanks and short shorts are beyond us, that means dress comfy! Wear those jeans that you've been dying to wear since you bought them in 100 degree weather, what?! That's nonsense who does that (wink wink) and bro's, pull out the ole' flannels that make you feel so humble to go cut down a tree and grow a righteous beard! Make sure you roll up them sleeves at least twice, you know, built for comfort and style! Remember the keyword being "Comfy", dress it folks, especially if it's flannel galore!

TIP NUMBER 2 | bring a blanket

Believe it or not a blanket has more use then shielding it from other folks when your client is changing. A blanket is never a bad idea to bring on any shoot, especially when it can be put to good use! You never know when your lady gets cold and you need to wrap her up and feel all nice and cozy, also makes for great photo ops! Also, just sprawling that blanket down on the ground, giving your couple a nice place to make out is pretty sweet. Make sure the blanket is a neutral color like a rad grey, or a plaid blanket never fails in the fall, just no quilts with kittens on it, sorry folks!

TIP NUMBER 3 | bring an umbrella

That's right, rain or shine! Every girl known to man has thought about kissing their man in the rain! So make it rain guys! Did you like how I threw that in their? Moving on, I recommend if you have a clear umbrella, bring it! If not, no problem because I have 10 of them (Thanks Sarah, you know who you are). Umbrellas are rad for a couple reasons, one it shields you from the rain (if it does) and makes very awesome pics! All your friends will be jealous if you have a rad pic underneath an umbrella while there is a luscious down pour amongst you. A clear umbrella is also a nice diffuser if there is sun light. I won't go into it that's the photographer's job, but it's nice and always makes for a good prop, rain or shine!

TIP NUMBER 4 | dress comfy part II

Encourage your future bride to wear a scarf she loves! What girl does't like a scarf right? More often times then not, your client does not know what to do with their hands, well give your lady something to do with her hands, get those hands all cozy and warm in her scarf if she has nowhere to put her hands. It looks good, while keeping your client happy! Now for the bro's, bring a beanie! Wether you wear it the whole time or just for a few shots, it's rad! There is nothing cooler then when you put on a beanie and your girl looks at you and says "Hot dayum!!"

TIP NUMBER 5 | bring that personality

I am known for evoking personality. So bring it with you! I may pose you in a certain way, but you guys are the personality to the image! Give yourself a reason to love your pics! My wife and I have a picture hanging up on our wall that is full of personality, where we are laughing and having a great time! Everybody loves it, and forgets about the other five pics that are hanging up (Thanks Danielle Dupey, you know who you are) So give other people as well a reason to stop and say "Hey! I love that, it's so you guys!" 

I hope these tips help you guys whether you saw this from Pinterest or you are having me do your fall engagement shoot! Have fun!! 



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