Why Wedding photography as a career path?

Hello! I'm Topher Fischer, and I'm a Wedding Photographer! 

I picked up a camera in 2011, started shooting portraiture in 2012 as a hobby, started charging people in 2013, shot my first Wedding for $148.00 in 2013, went to school for business of photography in 2013, graduated in 2015, quit my day job (BEST FEELING EVER!) in 2016, here I am!! Sitting behind a desk with some coffee straight out of the box in one hand and a darn great attitude in the other! 

But why? That's the real question people ask or may be afraid to ask... Well let me tell you! All y life I felt like I was made for something, not really sure what that was, maybe a great father to some children, or be the raddest husband to a wife ever, or maybe impact people on a daily basis, or do something that matters to people. Well goll, all those are ambitious and good morals to follow I'd say. But the truth is I have always had my mind on figuring out what I wanted to do for my life, not not necessarily just a living. I always used to tell people who were struggling to find a path in life, I'd say "You have two options, you can get a good job to afford the things you love to do, or you can do what you love without the intent of making a whole lot of money", now this always made sense to me because I thought if you can do something you love, life is great!! Right?!

I stumbled upon Weddings, I did not intend on shooting Weddings for a living or my life, now before I go further, I DO WEDDINGS AND PORTRAITURE BECAUSE I LOVE IT!! Initially I planned on shooting bands, but there were no bands to shoot, you can't get paid for that kind of industry per say. So, in 2013 when I shot my first Wedding for a friend, I combined my visions for band photography with this Wedding and I loved it! I loved how the images turned out, I loved the experience, I loved how I was kind of the boss, people trusted me and my vision with no hesitation, it felt great!! I shot this Wedding to one, get some extra money for the summer but also expand my creativity with photography, see what I was capable of! I can't lie I happened to surprise myself, no only was this my first Wedding I shot, but they were taking a huge chance on me!! I still thank them to this day!

Weddings, they are fun, they are exciting, they are fast paced, and they are always something new! But the truth about Weddings is that Weddings are a business. There is a true market for Wedding Photography, and no matter the economy, people will always want Wedding Photography. photography is important for a lot of reasons, a lot of reasons I hope my potential clients can relate to... If you know me you know I have 95% love in my heart (give or take 5% for people that bother me) so to have a career path where there is nothing but love in the air is a bonus! I get to be with people on their best days of their lives! I get to capture realism, I get to stage things the way I want to with my vision, I get to be on the dance floor and get oddly groovy, AND I always get a free cold one! Mhmm, if you know me you know I love my cold ones! 

Upon the great things the Wedding day comes with, it comes with HARD WORK, I am a person that works my tooshy off, I love earning things, I love seeing what I can be rewarded with, I am truly blessed to have a wife so supportive, and I am truly blessed that God gave me this gift to give to people who cross my path. I shoot Weddings not solely for the money, but because I am filled with love, and Weddings are filled with love. I get to be a part of something real and genuine, God gifted me, so let me gift you!   




Some Harsh Truth About Wedding Photography

My Clients may pay me, but I shoot for God