Recently engaged? Do yourself a solid and read this!

Recently engaged? Do yourself a solid and read this!

It's the most wonderful time of the year...alright alright, I know Christmas is over, but you can't hate me for still wanting more Christmas! BUT for some of you folks, it really is the best time of year with getting recently engaged, showing off your left hand like your flipping someone off but in the nicest way possible, having all your family and friends giving you that look, you engaged folks know what look I'm talking about. It truly is a great time in your life. But what now, where do you go from here?

   "Hi there, I'm Bob Ross. And today we are going to do a fantastic little painting that I think you'll enjoy." That's the first thing, watch Bob Ross on Netflix and relax. The second is start planning your wedding, obvious right? I am not here to tell you how to plan your wedding but I am here to help you know how to nail down your photographer, one that has a nose ring, a growing beard, double zero gauges, wears pants too slim but just comfy enough to make it righteous, and a never ending desire to cut his hair; wait a minute, I have all those characteristics, weird. 

   First things first, how soon before your Wedding do you have your engagement shoot? Typically it's nice to send out save the dates 5-9 months before the Wedding day. This gives a good amount of time for family and friends to look at rad pics of their loved ones on their fridge, but not so long that they end up throwing it away or losing it. So if your Wedding is 5 months out and you don't have Save the Dates, I'd get that lucky 8 ball rollin!

   Second, now that you have made a great decision by hiring your photographer, know what you are getting yourself into. How long does a typical engagement shoot last? Well, a lot of photographers do things different, but incase you haven't noticed I am trying to sing my own praises and let you know exactly how I do biness (like business with a touch of attitude). Typically my engagement shoots last about 2 hours, you are granted at least one hour, but I am a photographer, I like taking pictures of all the purdy folks in all the land. I also love shooting around dawn, not because of the quote on quote golden hour like every other photographer known to man, but because dawn reminds of Bob Ross paintings and I like cheap views.

   A lot of people get a bit nervous or anxious about having their engagement shoot, one reason is because they are wondering "What do I wear during this righteous engagement shoot?" I prefer all my lovely clients to wear neutral colors, especially for the bros. Never underestimate the power of a white crew neck, especially if you have tattoos, oh don't even get me started! I am a sucker for plaid, this can be flannel material or thin shirt plaid. Now depending on the time of year this changes a lot of things. One thing I mention to all my peeps is make sure that you are comfortable. It's important to always feel comfortable in your own skin, don't ever forget that folks, but also feel comfortable while there is a camera five feet away from you. Now although I enjoy neutral colored shirts for the bros, I am not always right, this is your shoot, I want to shoot for you the way you are in real life. Just please don't wear cargo shorts, thanks! As for the ladies, you know more than me, that's all.   

   Now LOCATION IS MAJOR, a lot of the clients I have shot for just say go anywhere we really don't care. Through the years I have gone from being overly obsessed with shooting downtown, then I tried going cleaner, now I have very much so enjoyed venturing off, literally into the woods. My favorite spot to shoot is Mt Spokane, one reason being is the brisk mountain air, it makes me feel like I should be on an episode of Man vs. Wild, not really I just like Bear Grylls. "In all my years in the militchry..." okay moving on, that was a quote from the good ole Bear himself if you didn't get that. I truly love shooting up at the mountains, we live in a great region and it's nice to explore and fave fun! This year not only do I want to shoot more at Mt Spokane, but I want to shoot up at 49 degrees north and take a trip to Palouse Falls, down by the waterfall.     

Although location is key to every engagement shoot, it is not the end all be all. Interaction between me and my clients is more important then location. If I can't make my peeps feel 100% comfy, even the golden gate bridge can't make the image even remotely worthy. Throughout the shoot I promise I will make you laugh, and all the good things above. Not only am I interacting with you to the upmost, I am making you interact with your hot fiancé. Sure can it get a little awkward with a camera in your face, yea! That's why I am there to make it seem as natural and comfortable as possible. Interaction is key! That is all!     

Although interaction with me and you guys is key to making magic happen, you also get a chance to know your photographer. This makes the engagement shoot a billion times better as well as knowing how I operate, knowing how I shoot, which will make the Wedding day smooth sailing. 

Being a photographer is the greatest gift God has ever given me, besides my wifey Kara obviously! I give lots of love, show compassion, and in the end I make new friends each and every shoot, I am a friend slash photographer you can trust, trust with exceeding all expectations with your engagement shoot as well as trusting me with allowing me to be by your side during the best day of your life.

I am Topher Fischer, a photographer and friend. 

A Fischer Christmas 2015

A Fischer Christmas 2015