My clients may pay me, but I shoot for God

If someone were to walk up to you and ask you "Why do you do the things you do"? What would you say? This can be with a career, daily choices you make, or a lifestyle you choose...

Hello, my name is Christopher Fischer, and I do EVERYTHING for God. Boom, easy! That's my answer. Every day I wake up and I thank God for everything bestowed upon me, my wife and I thank God every time we eat anything because he deserves thanks, and lot's of them! Some of you are already thinking "Why would he post a blog about this on his photography page.." Because photography is a part of my life, but God is my life, so I want everyone to know what I stand for, it's that simple. 

I know a cool verse that goes something like this "Whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it to Glorify God"...Well geeze, what's that like? Being a Christian isn't hard for me, it entails two things; Love people, Love God. That's it! Now I am not typing on my iMac to tell you how to live your life, I want you to know how I live mine.

I have loved people all my life asking nothing in return, and that's the way uh huh uh huh, I like it! Now, granted I have been a Christian all my life, but I started living for God a couple of years ago. Unfortunately things happen in people's lives and you steer away from God's plan, but fortunately I have the best wife known to humanity and we vowed to keep God first in our marriage, ever since then, life has been straight up Richeous! Every time I see someone, I do my best to smile, be polite, and be a gentleman. Do I do this because of great parenting, or because the Holy Spirit lives strong in me? The answer is both incase you were a bit confused haha. 

Being a Wedding photographer entails a couple of things, not only a great attitude and a little know how, but to genuinely care for people, if you can't do that, your'e in the wrong industry. It also entails shooting for engagements, seniors, and families... Now if I can't love people like God intended, how in the world can I do my job? Most of you have heard the saying "God works in mysterious ways", this is true! When I picked up a camera in 2011, I wanted to do videography, I tried so hard but it just didn't work out, school was too expensive, so people told me I should do photography. So I tried, initially I had intended on shooting for the music scene, unfortunately, again, that didn't work out. So I tried to make some money and look into weddings, when I shot my first wedding I thought "I can do this", I remember the exact moment I decided I would do this for the rest of my life...I was delivering images back to my clients from an engagement session in 2013, I was driving down the road and listening to my favorite band Needtobreathe, and I just knew I could do this, I had this feeling that felt more right then anything I've ever done. So, I decided to go to school and figure out the business as well as further my knowledge. From there on, everything fell into place, the money was provided for school, I had the most support from people then anything I've ever done. And I knew I was supposed to do this forever. 

So I think I have the loving people down, but how was I doing this for God? Life is not measured because of your bank account, money does not determine your worth, it is what you do here on earth that determines your worth. These are powerful words, we get caught up on the rhythms of life that force us to get a job to pay our bills, but you weren't put on this precious earth to solely pay your mortgage. God put us here to do his work, it's that simple, I can't believe I was so naive to think I can do things without God, to think I will be successful because I made it happen not Him, but then I grew up, I thought "I didn't bring myself here" You made this happen, You knew I was supposed to do photography. He took my initial idea of videography and shooting for music, but then took what the Holy Spirit instills in me with my love for people, and combined it with my creativity.

I love all my past, future, and present clients. You have all been so awesome, but you didn't bless me, God blessed me, and allowed me to give you guys something very special. And I'm grateful for all you guys. So if you are reading this and I have not had the pleasure of shooting for you, I want you to know, I will give you a very special gift from God, and that's why I do what I do. 

Clients may pay me, but I shoot for God. To Glorify Him in all I do, by doing that, I get to be the best I can be for my clients. I get to give them the best experience possible, the best images that I can produce possible, all because of You. And that's the greatest feeling of all time, knowing I can do anything because it's to Glorify You.

This world we so graciously live in is a blank canvas, and we are the painters. Paint the canvas to Glorify Him in all you do.  


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