Are your prices a flat rate?

Yes. This covers the session fee as well as fees/expenses.

What are fees/expenses?

Fees can be anything from a parking pass to a photographic release to shoot at a certain location. Expenses are post production material(packaging, ink, prints...etc.) as well as fuel for .43 c/mile &/or lodging. 

Do you travel? 

Yes. Outside of Spokane City limits, I charge by the mile (to and back home). Lodging must be configured into the final bill (two nights of lodging).

Do you offer military discount? 

Military receives 10% off final cost.

What other discounts do you offer? 

During the fall I offer family sessions at a discounted price. As well as returning customers will receive 10% off of their final cost.

What product/s do I receive?

You pay for a session fee which is shooting + time. You will receive a CD/Flash drive of all edits images. I do not advertise for prints, but I am more then happy to accommodate for prints, as will result with a change of cost and fees/expenses will be re-configured.

What is your turn around time?

For every hour I shoot is about a week of post production. Example being if I shoot an 8 hour Wedding, it will take about 8 weeks to receive the final product. This may vary depending on my rate of business at that time.

Do you require deposits for Weddings?   

I ask for a non refundable deposit of 10% of final cost on contract. This covers your date and insures that I am your photographer. If you decide not to make a deposit, my business runs on a first come first serve type basis.